Pillars of Spiritual Healing: The Power of God and Addictions

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I would like for you to imagine that you are in the center of a circle…

The circle is composed of your feelings towards God; your feelings towards yourself; your feelings towards friends and relatives.


Now, remember that since you are nurturing an addiction, to which you are seeking healing, there is a lot of pollution inside the circle.

Mistakes, sins, lack of wisdom leading to issues in which one might question the integrity and response from God. The bad experiences in one’s life can be conducive to question God’s goodness, bringing our beings into conflict.



These bad experiences might create feelings of shame, resentment, anxiety, and anguish, especially when dealing with an addiction. Within your being, two events are happening at once. The emotional balance God structured for your soul and heart is tainted. And the mental and physical balance the body needed to function well lacks a healthy equilibrium.

These events have spiritual origins:

In the Garden of Eden, God created the most perfect environment in which man could live and thrive. More so, God provided the gift of life wrapped in wholesome, good, healthy, and loving features (Genesis 1).

us senate

This came to an abrupt change due to the jealousy of Satan to God’s creation, mankind. Satan planned the attack and crafted doubt in the mind of man from the beginning of Creation.

Indeed, in Genesis 3: 1-5

We read Satan planted a spiritual poison with a question mounted in distrust, “Did God really say?” As if Satan has not done enough, he continues with the cementing of doubt in the mind and heart of men. Genesis 3:4 to 5 explains the serpent used vocabulary that increases the distrust for God, “You would not certainly die…you would be like God…knowing from good and evil.”

In the realm of the spirit, these actions lead men to doubt God’s premises of goodness and life giving directives. It is from that abrupt change to which you and many others question God’s responses to us when things go terribly wrong.

In simple words, doubting God removes the dependence from God and places the dependence in the object of the addiction.

File:Split splitless.png

The doubt is spiritual in nature and births confusion and negative emotions. The doubt is spiritual in nature and births confusion and negative emotions. This is the reason why you need to see this dislocation of dependence with the eyes of the spirit and not necessarily with the eyes of the flesh.

In fact, it is in the book of Genesis in which we find the first men and women demonstrating this shame and other negative emotions. When God asks why were Adam and Eve hiding (Gen. 3: 8), Adam responded, “I was afraid because I was naked…I hid” (Gen. 3:10). I hid indicates shame. Satan’s action, to which Adam acted on, created a deep barrier between God and his creation.

  Afraid and in shame Adam hid.   
File:Split splitless.png

Shame is as a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior. The first man whose connection to God was pure now was marred in Adam removing himself from the divine worth provided to him by God. For the first time, shame enters the conversation between God and man.

In this Adam felt inadequate and inferior in front of God.

The most important battle then becomes if I am separated from God as a result of a cosmic battle, which began at the moment of Creation, by a powerful and deceiving enemy and the disobedience of the first human being…

What can I possibly do to ensure success in my recovery from an addiction?


***Part 2 To Be Publishe 3-12-16***

Pillars of Spiritual Healing: The Power of God and Addictions is available on http://providencewomensrecovery.com


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